Samsung has announced the WB700, their latest 24x zoom camera, one of their launch models heading to CES 2011, due to open in Las Vegas next week. 

The headline 24x zoom is perhaps a little misleading, as it is actually composed of 18x optical zoom and further digital zoom to hit the 24x stat – it’s trick we’ve seen Panasonic pull on the likes of the Lumix FZ100.

One the highlight features appears to be a new noise cancellation algorithm. That’s not for cleaning up sensor noise from those 16 megapixels crammed on the 1/2.33 CCD sensor, but to eliminate the noise of the lens from video capture.

A common complaint – you often find that you either can’t zoom, you get the audio cut whilst zooming, or hear the motors whirring over your video masterpiece, Samsung claim to have resolved this problem by actively cancelling it out, so you should get great audio with your HD movies.

Elsewhere this travel zoom offers a 24-432mm Schneider-Kreuznach lens, image stabilisation, full manual and RAW shooting.

It should be hitting shelves in April at a price around £249.

Of course we'll be looking to get our hands on the Samsung WB700 next week at CES 2011 to bring you all the details.