Samsung's second take on the Micro Four Thirds camera has touched down in the shape of the Samsung NX100. Just one zero away from the highly acclaimed Samsung NX10, many of the specs sounds familiar.

There's the same APS-C sized 14.6-megapixel sensor, a 3-inch AMOLED display and 720p video recording in the H.264 format. What's new are all the little improvements here and there.

The ISO levels have been jacked up to a 6400 extension, the AF has been suped to what Samsung says is one of the fastest in the business but it's the redesigned chassis that's going to draw the wows. Whereas the NX10 was a little on the utility side, the Samsung NX100 has far smoother, smaller and lighter good looks.

There's also the addition of the i-Function lens system which looks to help users get the most out of whichever of the four removable optics they buy. The lenses send information to the body to suggest the appropriate settings for whichever one is attached. At launch there'll be a 20mm pancake attachment and 20-50mm compact zoom with a 60mm macro and an 18-200mm super zoom to follow in 2011.

Aside the generous swathe of imaging technology and scene modes - including vignetting, audio photographs and other such treats - what photographers will really love is the function ring similar to that found on the Canon PowerShot S90. Users will be able to assign all sorts of functions to it and select them in that natural camera way.

According to Mr.Sang Jin Park, President of Samsung Digital Imaging Division, it's the company's aim to lead the mirrorless camera market and this is certainly a tasty marker laid down for the likes of the Olympus Pen, the Panasonic G-range and Sony's compacts as well. No word on pricing or dates as yet but we'll let you know as soon as we here.

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