Samsung could be about to introduce transparent AMOLED technology into its cameras if a leaked document is anything to go by.

The technology would be merged with a traditional optical viewfinder to create a Heads Up Display (HUD) featuring an electronic display that you could see through to provide further additional information such as metering, shots left on the memory card or even what mode you are in - (yes it really is the stuff of sci-fi movies).

Called an opto-electronic viewfinder (E-OVF) users would be able to get the best of both worlds - the clarity of an optical viewfinder combined with the benefit of having dynamic information displayed before there eyes.

samsung cameras getting transparent amoled electronic viewfinder  image 3

Currently transparent AMOLED screens, which we first saw at CES from Samsung at the beginning of the year, are not only very expensive, but can only be made for a small screen sizes.

Luckily an electronic viewfinder on a camera should be small enough to allow those issues not to be a problem.

Samsung is expected to announce a new hybrid camera in the coming months, most likely at the German camera show Photokina. Could this transparent AMOLED technology find its way into the rumoured NX-100?

We will keep you posted.