Samsung has gone launch crazy over the last few weeks with its point and shoot camera offerings.

Firstly, it unleashed two new entries for its 2View range, then there was the PL200 and finally the ST80.

And now, Pocket-lint has received word of another compact launch - the Samsung PL90.

The PL90 is a 12.2-megapixel camera with a difference. And that difference is you won't have to pop the SD memory card out and into your PC's card-reader to transfer your pics, or have to find your little USB cable to connect your devices. For the PL90 has its own USB plug built right in.

Working along similar lines to the Flip HD (and now Samsung's own HMX-E10), the USB plug folds into the device and can be pulled out when you need it.

“We want consumers to enjoy the entire photographic experience through the PL90, with the ability to capture, connect, and share pictures instantly and even charge on the move”, said Steve Mitchell, general manager of Samsung's digital imaging.

“In this fast-paced world, we understand that our customers need to have these capabilities at their fingertips, and the PL90 puts this power in their hands. The PL90 is further evidence of the continued innovation behind Samsung cameras”.

It's a nifty little feature that will make transferring your media that little bit less tedious, without breaking the bank and using a Wi-Fi enabled camera or an Eye-Fi SD card.

As well as its unique selling point, the camera has a 4x optical zoom and can shoot 640 x 480 video at 30 frames per second.

Not bad for a budget camera that will cost less than £130 when it comes out in September.