Not content with releasing more compact cameras than you can shake a stick at, Samsung has also launched the HMX-E10 - its answer to the Flip HD.

The pocket camcorder will also go head to head with the Panasonic HM-TA1, which has also recently been released with a view to stealing the Flip HD's thunder.

Like the HM-TA1, the HMX-E10 also goes for a more complex setup than the one-button Flip approach, and it also trumps Panasonic's effort in certain areas as well.

It has a touchscreen and a slightly larger display at 2.7 inches. It features a split level design whereby footage is shown on the top half and controls are underneath, or you can go full-screen for viewing by holding the camcorder horizontally.

It features a 270-degree swivelling lens with auto-focus and a 1/3.2-inch CMOS image sensor. It shoots full 1080p HD video at 30fps (encoded at H.264) and there is also 8 megapixels for still images. It records to a microSD card.

The built-in USB adaptor lets you connect to your PC with ease, and it will even charge whilst you are transferring your files. When connected, you can also upload your vids to YouTube with a touch of a button.

Samsung's Steve Mitchell said: “The HMX-E10 offers the image quality, ultra-compact design and built-in USB technology that consumers expect from this class of camcorder, but goes a step beyond, offering features such as a swivelling lens, versatile LCD screen and a range of smart filters, which give users the ability to do more and express their creativity”.

The HMX-E10's UK price still hasn't been confirmed to us - but we know that over in the US it will cost $199.99. It's due out in August and you'll be able to choose between white, black or orange.