Wow. It's been like Piccadilly Circus around here lately with all the camera launches. We don't mean that there's been loads of tourists walking around and overpriced souvenirs on sale - we simply mean it's been busy.

First up, we gave you our first impressions of Panasonic's new DMC-LX5, FZ100 and DMC-FT10. Then there was the news that Fuji had unveiled the world's smallest 18x zoom camera.

And now Samsung has come to the camera launch party by announcing the two flagship devices for its 2View range - the ST100 and the ST600.

Both compacts have seen their secondary LCD screens increased up to 1.8 inches and there is a raft of front features to go with this including the couples mode, which detects two heads leaning towards each other, and the children mode where a cartoon is played to make the little 'uns laugh. There's also a new jump feature that takes three images when you and your pals all jump.

They are 14.2-megapixel compacts and they both have 5x optical zooms although the ST100's is internal. The ST600 has a 27mm wide-angle focal length. They can both shoot 720p video as well.

The ST600 and ST100 also use Samsung’s smart gesture UI that recognises a tilt or a hand gesture to scroll through your photos.

Available in four cameras, they are likely to set you back about £300.

So, who has won the battle of the camera launches - Samsung, Fuji or Panasonic? Give us your winner below.