First Samsung released the Samsung NX10, now the company has confirmed they are expanding their hybrid camera range with the launch of the Samsung NX5, a smaller, cheaper model.

Following in the same footsteps as its big brother launched in January, the new model offers users the same interchangeable lens system at a supposedly even lower price point as the company hopes to bring more people into its fold.

The NX5, like the Samsung NX10 hybrid camera, uses a CMOS sensor in APS-C format, and packs in the same 14.6 megapixels as before.

Where the differences start to appear are the use of an 3-inch LCD screen rather than AMOLED, although it does have an electronic viewfinder.

The Samsung NX5 is available from June. Samsung UK has yet to price the model, but in Europe it will sell for around 699 euro, although is already listing it for pre-order at 599 euro.