The Samsung HMX-U20 updates the U10 that we reviewed last year, a compact and quirky pocket camcorder, not without a few problems.

The new model retains the distinctive curved design, with a similar set of touch controls on the bottom. The central button bar sees the inclusion of a zoom control, as the U20 has a 3x optical zoom, which sets it apart from other pocket camcorders and explains the bulbous lens surround.

Again you get various shooting modes, with the option of capturing 1080p at 30fps, or 720p at 60fps if you are looking to film some fast moving action. It boasts a 7.8-megapixel sensor, but the lens also says it is F/3.5 maximum, so we don't expect the low light performance to be any better than before.

Connections offer you a built-in USB connector as well as HDMI and AV connections, and as before, you can hook the U20 up to the mains whilst shooting – essential if you want to take advantage of the time lapse feature.

A button lets you flag items for instant upload to YouTube on connection to your PC. The battery and SD card are housed in the bottom, next to the tripod mount.

The HMX-U20 is expected to land in April, but the price doesn't seem to have been nailed down yet - we suspect it will be around £160.