The Samsung WP10 (known as the AQ100 in the US) was announced back in February and was shown off by Samsung at their Turn On Tomorrow showcase in London yesterday. We were on hand to grab a gallery of the new waterproof camera.

The new camera looks to compete with the likes of the Fujifilm Z33WP in offering a compact waterproof camera, rather than stepping onto the rugged path like the Olympus Mju Tough models. In the hand the construction makes it feel like the former and with a price tag of £179.99 it is towards the cheap end of the waterproof camera market.

The WP10 will offer a 12-megapixel sensor and a 5x optical zoom crammed into that internal housing. Around the back you'll find a 2.7-inch 230k-dot LCD display. An HDMI hides under a flap on the side, so you can hook-up to your HD TV.

Video capture comes in the form of 720p H.264 recording at 30fps. Digital image stabilisation is offered as are the niceties of face detection and you get a dedicated shooting mode for your underwater activities. Samsung tell us it is good down to 3 metres, so one for the occasional watersports participant, rather than the scuba diver.

It will be hitting stores in April and what better way to show something is waterproof than opt for yellow?