Samsung has updated its HMX-U10 camcorder with two new models: the HMX-U20 and HMX-U15.

The new models, announced at PMA in California, will offer Full HD video, built-in USB and HDMI connectivity.

Taking the high-road, the U20 will also come with a 3x optical zoom and the ability to shoot 10 megapixel digital still images.

While the U15 will miss out on an optical zoom, it will come with a 14-megapixel still camera sensor. And for those looking for a bit of creativity, the cameras will also come with a time lapse recording feature.

Users will be able to program the camcorder to record at a pre-set interval of one image every 1, 5, 10 or 30 seconds.

US prices come in at $229.99 and $249.99 for the U15 and U20 respectively. UK prices haven't been set.

The U15 will be out in May, while the U20 will hit shops in March.