Samsung has posted details of the first camera to be released from its new ES Series.

We first heard about the entry-level ES Series at CES last month with the announcement of the ES55. However, no further details have been posted on the site of this model as yet, and it seems the ES10 is set to precede it.

The camera features 8.1 megapixels, a 3x opical zoom and a 2.5-inch Intelligent LCD screen, which adjusts its brightness depending on your surroundings to ensure clear viewing.

The features you can expect to find on the camera include face detection, automatic red-eye fix and a VGA 30fps movie mode. There is also the Beauty Shot feature to retouch blemishes and dark spots, and the self portrait feature, which will beep when your face is properly positioned for the snap. Handy for taking those Facebook profile pictures, kids.

To ensure you get the best pictures despite shaky hands and low light, the Samsung ES10 has an auto sensitivity feature up to ISO 1600, and digital image stabilisation to boot.

Sure, the features may not be mind-blowing, and neither is the design, but we're thinking the price won't be either. The 10-megapixel ES55 was rumoured to be hitting the shelves for £79, so hopefully we can expect a similar low price point for the ES10.

As yet we don't know when we can expect to see the ES10 on the shelves, but we'd suspect pretty soon if it's hit Samsung's website already. We do know however, that it will be available in a choice of black, silver, white and pink. More news when we get it.