Latest Samsung camera news

Samsung reveals 576MP camera sensor that might eventually make it to your phone
Samsung announces Isocell HP1 200-megapixel phone camera sensor
Samsung Isocell JN1 0.64-micrometer pixel sensor could usher in new era of phone cameras
Samsung's new 1.4μm 50-megapixel camera sensor promises faster focusing
Samsung's 50MP GN1 camera sensor promises faster autofocus and better low-light snaps
Samsung's latest trademark suggests a new 360-degree camera is coming
Samsung updates Gear 360 VR camera, second gen offers 4K recording
Samsung's UFS memory cards are a new standard, and they're ridiculously fast
Samsung Gear VR camera will capture 360-degree video for virtual reality
Samsung pulls out of cameras in the UK, cites decline in interest
Samsung NX500 pinches NX1's 28MP sensor and 4K video abilities, condenses into portable size
Samsung Project Beyond announced, a camera that snaps 360-degree views and in 3D
Samsung NX1 is a compact system camera for aspiring pros, 28MP sensor, new phase detection AF onboard
Samsung NX1 detailed specs leak claims 4K video recording and 28MP sensor
Samsung NX3000 compact system camera offers selfie mode for winkers
First camera sample from Samsung Galaxy K Zoom appears online
Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom camera, or K Zoom, leaks in a photo
Samsung's new WB smart camera line-up offers something for all the family
Samsung Galaxy NX Mini camera could be announced at CES next week
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is faster, lighter and has a better battery
Samsung's first Tizen product is NX300M compact system camera, not smartphone
AT&T is first US carrier to offer Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom on 8 November
Samsung NX300M, it's an NX300 system camera with added adjustable 'selfie' screen
Samsung Isocell sensor technology introduced - to land in Galaxy S5 camera?
Samsung Galaxy NX UK price revealed, costs the same as forthcoming Canon EOS 70D
Samsung Galaxy NX official: Interchangable lenses, APS-C sensor, Android 4.2
Leaked Galaxy Camera NX image and press shots surface with full body
Every Samsung NX300 will come with free Adobe Lightroom 4
Samsung NX1100 mirrorless camera now available for pre-order for $699
Samsung Smart Cameras updated, Wi-Fi compact cameras in all shapes and sizes
Samsung NX300 promises speed and quality, adds 3D support
Samsung Galaxy Camera: The first sample images
Samsung HMX-F90 5-megapixel camcorder, a bit of all-white
Samsung Galaxy Camera: UK release date, 8 November
Samsung Galaxy Camera comes with 50GB Dropbox storage
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Samsung EX2F features f/1.4 lens and Wi-Fi
Samsung NX20, NX210 and NX1000 cameras lead 2012 line-up
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Samsung 2View DV300F dual screen compact flashes in