Ricoh has released a firmware update for the GR Digital II camera that corrects a number of problems reported by users.

Update 2.11 comes just two weeks after the version 2.10 was released, but don't worry if you haven't had chance to download that - version 2.11 will get your camera right up to date with all previous firmware tweaks.

This version fixes the following:

Previously, when you set the [Auto Aper. Shift] ON in the A mode, and you took a picture of a subject in high-intensity light, the keys wouldn't work.

The keys also jammed when you went in to the [CT] (Detail) setting in the white balance menu but left the selection screen without setting a value and then took a picture, switching the MF with the Fn button.

These issues have now been resolved. Any users who do not have the update are strongly advised to log on to the Ricoh website and download it. Installation instructions are also on the website.