Ricoh has announced an update to its R range today with the R10, a 10-megapixel snapper with 7.1x optical zoom.

The new model, which improves on the R8,(what happened to the R9?), adds a 3-inch LCD screen over the previous 2.7-inch screen, an electronic level to ensure straight horizons, and the now almost customary "Easy Shooting" mode for those who've never picked up a digital camera before.

According to reports, the R10 retains the same Smooth Imaging Engine III image processing engine as the R8, CCD-shift vibration correction, face recognition and 1cm macro mode.

Coming in an array of colours, black, silver, and bronze, Ricoh in the UK has confirmed to Pocket-lint that for the moment this will have to remain the stuff of pipe dreams. The R10 will only be on sale in Japan and isn't planned for the UK any time soon, instead they recommend the R8, which is available and costs £199.99.