Ricoh has announced a replacement for its popular GX8 model launched 2 years ago.

The new model, called the Caplio GX100 will offer a removable electronic viewfinder that allows users to take pictures in a more "Traditional" way as well as providing the opportunity to save battery by not having to turn on the LCD screen on its rear.

Users will be able to connect the viewfinder via the camera's hotshoe connection. The first company to offer such a device, Sigma earlier this year announced a traditional optical version for its yet to be released 14 megapixel compact.

The new camera will offer 10 megapixel resolution, a wide 24 to 72mm zoom lena and come with Ricoh's “Smooth Imaging Engine II” all packed into a compact body just 25mm thick.

The GX100 with electronic viewfinder included will be available at the end of April 2007 at £399.99.