Just what the world needs, another 7MP compact camera. Ricoh has unveiled a budget compact that boasts fairly decent specifications, considering its £130 price tag.

The Caplio RR730 takes over from the RR660 with a 7.16 megapixel sensor and a slightly lighter and smaller build and a bigger LCD screen, at 2.5-inches.

The lens features a 3x zoom range that extends from 34-102mm in a 35mm equivalent range.

It doesn’t have an endless choice of Scene modes, but rather restricts them to six: Auto, Program, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, and Night Scene. It also boasts a video mode and 32MB of internal memory, would should store a shot or two.

Macro photographers will be pleased to note that the camera allows close-focusing at just 5cm away from the subject.

The camera runs on AA batteries, and will be available this month.