PRESS RELEASE: TerraTec Electronic (, a leading European multimedia manufacturer, today announces the UK launch of the TerraTec Cameo 400 AV mobile, a complete mobile video editing solution for use with a laptop PC. Simply connect a video source such as a video recorder, DVD player, camcorder or satellite receiver to your notebook via the PCMCIA interface, and that's all there is to it!

The Cameo 400 AV mobile directly converts video signals to MPEG2/1 format. High quality is guaranteed, even at low bit rates. Better still, the conversion does not cause undue CPU loads, as the MPEG compression is performed by the PCMCIA card itself.

The TerraTec package also contains useful software so that you can get started right away. In addition to the Cameo 400 AV mobile application for recording and playback in a variety of formats and resolutions, the package contains Ulead Video Studio 7 and MovieFactory 2 video editing and DVD authoring applications. A plugin lets you access the Cameo 400 AV mobile directly to store your motion pictures on the hard drive or even burn them onto a DVD.

With VideoStudio 7 SE DVD, you can edit, trim and organise your videos in real time. Special effects, cross-fades and filters are available for the finishing touches. Thanks to Ulead Movie Factory 2, you can even burn your work to DVD on the fly.

Key features:
· Hardware MPEG 1/2 encoder
· S video, composite and stereo audio inputs
· DVD, SVCD and VCD Authoring
· On-the-fly DVD creation
· Ulead VideoStudio 7 SE DVD and DVD MovieFactory 2 SE
Recording plugin for Ulead software

The Cameo 400 AV mobile is priced at UKP 169.99 (inc. VAT). For further sales and availability information, please telephone: +44 (0) 1252 870 726