Ricoh cameras have always floated between the super styled looks of a Leica and the hardened black plastic world of Canon's compact range. 

They are well priced performers with the companies' GR Digital III being known for its shooting capabilities. This performance crown is, however, about to be usurped by the GR Digital IV, the newest addition to Ricoh's compact range. 

Featuring a lightning fast 28mm F1.9 lens, the camera should in theory be capable of performing like some entry level DSLRs in low light. 

Also included in the snapping package is the GR Engine III, bringing with it improved Quick Shooting capabilities, auto focus and image stabilisation. Clever dynamic range compensation has also been built-in, allowing high contrast shots to have balanced exposure in difficult lighting conditions.

On the back of the camera is a 3-inch 1.23-million dot LCD screen, standard four way directional pad and scroll wheel. 

Expect the GR Digital IV to arrive around mid October priced in at £499 for either a white or black version. A special hand strap will also be available for £18 and metal lens cap for the same price. 

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