Ricoh has recently announced the launch of the latest addition to its CX range of compact cameras in the guise of the CX4.

The specs of the new Ricoh CX4 camera are pretty similar to the older CX3, which was launched early 2010 as you'll get a 10.7x optical zoom, 3-inch LCD, 10-megapixel sensor, 5fps burst and 1280 × 720 HD movie function - however the new model gets a couple of new features.

These additions are much needed as the previous CX2 and CX3 models were very similar indeed. AF tracking will now feature, that automatically tracks your subject, ensuring that photographs are in focus and correctly exposed whenever you choose to release the shutter. Whilst image stabilisation has been improved, helping with camera shake at higher zooms (something the older models suffered with).

The new CX4 will also get "night landscape multi-shot mode" for low noise images and a "creative shooting mode" that allows for soft focus, cross process, and toy camera effects.

There's also changes to the body with moulded curves to hopefully make stuffing the camera in you pocket that little bit easier.

The Ricoh CX4 launch is due in September with a price tag around $399.

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