Pocket-lint was on hand to grab some shots of the new Ricoh GXR interchangeable unit system camera.

The GXR takes the fight to Micro Four Thirds, offering a system which lives in the small form factor of a compact camera, whilst offering interchangeable lens units.

Each lens unit pairs up the glass with the sensor and a processor unit, rather than using a sensor built-in to the body of the camera. The body, in effect, becomes little more than a battery pack and control unit.

Those sealed lens units offer the advantage of being sealed, so protect the sensor from dust or dirt ingress, an inherent problem with traditional SLR/DSLR cameras and the new Micro Four Thirds system cameras.

The hotshoe offers an accessory attachment point which, like the Panasonic Lumix GF1 or Olympus Pen EP-2, can accept an electronic viewfinder or a flash.

Feast your eyes on our hands-on pics below and why not head over and read the news story, or check out our First Look of the GXR? Links below.