Polaroid might have stopped production of their instant film last year in 2008, but that hasn't stopped the fan base crying out for more.

Those keen to relive those iconic "Polaroid moments" can now do so thanks to Urban Outfitters who have 700 hand-numbered cameras to sell in London and around the globe.

"The exclusive Special Edition will include one pack of Polaroid Instant Film along with one of the most sought after analog instant cameras, the Polaroid ONE600 Classic, the last Polaroid camera ever produced," claim dazeddigital.com.

The cameras go on sale on Friday 21 August, although be warned getting film in the future is going to be tough, and even then the shelf life of the film isn't infinite.

If that isn't enough to put you off, any picture you take will eventually disappear, as the chemicals never stop processing.

If that sounds like too much effort you could just opt for a quick visit to poladroid.net that will turn any of your digital photos into looking like a Polaroid picture complete with bad colour and white border.