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(Pocket-lint) - Polaroid is pretty much royalty in the instant camera world, at least as far as brand awareness goes. Ask anyone on the street to name an instant camera and there's a good chance they'll go with its well-worn name.

It's a more competitive market than it seems, though, and while Polaroid still has some great modern instant cameras, there's always room for improvement in a world where Fujifilm just keeps on making great Instax alternatives.

Now, Polaroid has debuted the Polaroid Go - the new world's smallest instant camera, and a great-looking little bit of tech. It's just 10.5 cm long, 8.4 cm wide, and 6.1 cm tall, which is a long way of saying that's it's genuinely tiny.

PolaroidThe Polaroid Go is the world's smallest instant camera photo 3

It packs bespoke miniature Polaroid film to go with the new form-factor, too, making it a clear competitor to the smaller Instax format that has served Fujifilm so brilliantly. 

The camera has a few standard tricks up its sleeve, too: a new selfie mirror to make framing shots easier, a self-timer, dynamic flash, and the option of double exposure, which always looks great on instant film.

The camera is on pre-sale today, and available fully on April 27, for £109.99, with a double pack of film coming it at £18.99. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.