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(Pocket-lint) - Impossible Project has redesigned the instant camera for the digital age and the result is the I-1.

After rescuing the original Polaroid factory and all its cameras, the Impossible Project company has unveiled its own modern take on instant photography. The I-1 camera ablends the analogue and digital. But how?

The I-1 is primarily an instant camera. It looks a little like a Polaroid but is finished in a modern matte black. It also adds an LED ring flash for diffused light plus a magnetic collapsible viewfinder. The LED ring also doubles as a way of determining how many shots are left on the film.

And while the camera will snap shots that print out on Impossible Project film, you can also access digital effects on a connected iPhone to change the style of a picture.

The dedicated app can be used to test out effects and adjust camera settings before you commit to pressing the shutter button. That means adjusting aperture and shutter speed or trying out double exposure, remote triggering and light painting can all be done digitally.

The I-1 camera costs £229, $299 and €299 and is available at various retailers or directly from Impossible Project.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.