Polaroid has launched a new camera that can fit into your pocket and shoot full 1080p HD video. It can even withstand a tumble and some water.

Originally unveiled at CES 2014, the new Polaroid Cube measures less than 2 inches square and is equipped with a 124-degree, wide-angle lens for dynamic action shots. The camera's outer casing is a durable too, thanks to shock-proof and water-resistant technology, meaning you can take it just about anywhere. The Polaroid Cube is also embedded with magnets for easing mounting to any metal surface.

polaroid cube is a tiny camera that records 1080p video and is ultra rugged image 2

In fact, there are three different mounts available for the Polaroid Cube on photography marketplace Photojojo.com. You can get a Tripod Mount that has a universal metal insert, for instance, as well as a Bike Mount for easy mounting onto handlebars, and a Waterproof Case with suction mount that extends the two-meter waterproofing to an incredible 10 meters below the surface. Note the suction mount can attach to any flat, smooth surface such as a surfboard.

"Capture the moment in wide-angle as you cover your morning pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles or bring it to the park to make super-actiony videos of puppies, frisbee enthusiasts and those who are both," explained Photojojo via the camera's description. "Add a mount to record while you zip around town on your bike or during a water balloon fight in your backyard. The shock-proof and water-resistant Cube will be the life of the party."

polaroid cube is a tiny camera that records 1080p video and is ultra rugged image 1

Other Polaroid Cube features include a 6MP camera sensor for photography, built-in battery that records up to 90 minutes, microSD port for up to 32GB of storage, and an included USB charger cable. The Polaroid Cube is $100, while the mounts range from $10 to $40. You can even purchase a 12GB SD card with your Polaroid Cube on Photojojo for an additional $12. Shipping starts at $12 to most European countries via USPS First Class.

Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the 35mm-tall Polaroid Cube.