(Pocket-lint) - Polaroid has announced at CES 2014 in Las Vegas that its Socialmatic instant camera will be brought to market in 2014, capable of being able to not only instantly share photos on social networks like Instagram, but also print photos digitally through Zink paper.

We've long been tracking the Socialmatic here at Pocket-lint, from its early days as a concept. It has a unique build, sure to be a favourite among socialites in the crowd.

The front camera has a 14-megapixel sensor, with a 2-meapixel rear-facing camera to take plenty of selfies. It only sports an LED flash rather than Xenon, but does come with a small LCD panel on the front of the camera. This features a mood assistant, small emoticons and icons that give you a hint to the Socialmatic's mood - is it overcast, etc.

The Zink ink digital printing allows for users to skip out on ink refills, and instead rely on just paper. The Socialmatic will print a 2X3 inch full-color sticker-backed Zink photo in less than a minute.

The display on the rear is 4.3-inches and stereo speakers are present, presumably for video playback. Like the Samsung Galaxy Camera line, the Socialmatic is running an Android interface where you can set up social networks and share photos.

It comes with 4GB of internal storage and an SD card slot for expansion. GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are also found on board for plenty of connectivity. Polaroid says if Wi-Fi isn’t immediately available, the camera will pair with smartphones via Bluetooth for instant sharing.

Polaroid hasn't provided a specific release date for the Socialmatic, but has said it will cost $299 (£196) when it hits the streets sometime in 2014. Pocket-lint is live from CES 2014, where we'll be sure to give you our first impressions of the camera very soon.

Writing by Jake Smith.