(Pocket-lint) - Polaroid might be little more than a licensing brand these days, giving its name over to products it thinks "fit" with the image, but its new action camera seems like a solid idea that's priced well to compete with other, similar action cameras.

Producing 1080p at 30 frames per second, Polaroid says you'll never miss any action. Strangely, the 720p mode also only records at 30fps too, where normally you'd expect 60fps to aid with slow motion. That's a shame, as action cameras are especially well suited to shooting slow motion. The camera also shoots stills at resolutions of up to 16-megapixels. That's a big number, but our experience with these cameras is that the quality of stills is not usually that good.

Storage is on to microSD card, which means you can fit the camera with a maximum of 32GB - that's loads of space for this kind of video. The included battery should last around 2.5 hours on a full charge. To get it charged, there's a USB socket, and there's even HDMI out for showing footage on a TV.

It's also waterproof to a depth of 10m, which should be more than enough for using on a surfboard, or on the ski slopes of France. A helmet mount is included, so there's no need for you to improvise your own mounting. The camera even has a sensor so it can tell which way up it is, meaning your recordings won't be upside down when you play them back. There's also built-in anti-shake stabilisation to ensure smooth footage.

The camera costs around $130 (£86) although it's not clear if it will be making the journey to the UK for us to buy.

Writing by Ian Morris.