Polaroid is planning to roll out shops across America, where you'll be able to print the digital photos stuck on your hard drive, camera, and smartphone. 

The new Fotobars, as they will be known, will be a "retail location where you can finally see, touch, feel and unlock all those great pictures stuck on your hard drive, camera and most importantly on your smartphone," according to Polaroid

The company plans to open at least 10 Polaroid Fotobar locations in 2013, the first of which will be a 2,000sq ft store in Delray Beach, Florida, in February. 

That first shop, which will serve as a model for all Polaroid Fotobar locations, has been in design and development for the past 12 months.

Further stores planned for 2013 will include sites in New York, Las Vegas and Boston, among others, says the company.

In store customers will be able to select the favorite pictures on their camera phones and wirelessly transmit them to one of the store’s bar-top workstations to order their prints.

Polaroid says customers will also be able to use the Fotobars to upload their photos to websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and several others.

Uploaded photos can be enhanced on the bar-top workstations using photo-effect technologies such as contrast, red-eye correction, brightness and filters, with users seeing the results as they work.

But anybody hoping to take away a printed picture there and then will be disappointed. Unlike the printing booths found in places like Boots in the UK, all prints will have to be be ordered and then delivered later in the week.

"Once the images are uploaded, customers will be able to choose from a wide variety of materials, substrates and framing options for their individual works of art – all of which are handcrafted and shipped worldwide to the consumer in just a few days," says Polaroid.

"Images can be framed, matted, and/or printed directly on to a variety of unique substrates including canvas, metal, acrylic, wood and bamboo."

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