Over in Las Vegas at CES we were treated to a sneek peek at the products that would be coming from Polaroid as a result of hiring Lady Gaga as its creative director; the GL30 instant digital camera, the GL20 camera sunglasses, and the GL10 instant mobile photo printer.

And now the first of these products has received an official on-sale announcement - and it's the GL10 printer.

Yes, that's right kids - nothing says Gaga more than a mobile printer, it's all very rock and roll.

On sale from Firebox in the UK (and Bloomingdale's in the States, we hear) the GL10 is a rechargeable printer that connects to your devices via Bluetooth to print off all of those poker face moments.

Your snaps will come out as 3x4-inch sticky-backed images, and you can even personalise the border. With meat flesh presumably, or something even more Ga-garish. You'll get up to 35 on a full charge.

The Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer will be available from the end of June, priced at £119.19.