Pocket-lint got its hands on the first analogue return from Polaroid in the shape of the Polaroid 300 Instant Camera. There's certainly very little compact about it, but the bulk isn't matched by any kind of weight, so you won't have too much hassle in carrying this fun snapper around.

The Polaroid 300 Instant Camera uses the company's proprietary self-developing film, has an automatic flash and features four scene settings to add variety and a touch of clarity to your shots. You can shake the picture after you've taken it if you must, but the ink doesn't come out wet.

The camera is available in red, black or blue, and costs £79.99 at Firebox and John Lewis. If you're lining it up as a Christmas present you might want to consider a few 10 packs of Polaroid 300 film which come in at £12.99 each