Digital photography may have had a good go at killing off film camera technology, but as the recent success of Lomography's Diana Mini plastic snapper proves, there's still quite a demand for the tactile nature of developed prints and their unique look. Now, Polaroid has thrown its hat in the ring, and has brought its instant camera back from the brink of extinction.

The Polaroid 300 Instant Camera uses the company's proprietary self-developing film, has an automatic flash and features four scene settings to add variety and fun to snaps (no surprise considering Lady Gaga has recently been appointed creative director for the brand).

Its return has been well-received by many fans of the original instant cameras, including professional photographer Joel Meyerowitz: "My enthusiasm for the return of instant is beyond description. Polaroid photography has been a significant factor in my career - and I am thrilled that it will continue in my future," he said.

The camera is available in red, black or blue, and will cost £79.99 when it goes on sale next week (at A ten-pack of instant film will set you back £12.99.