(Pocket-lint) - Film suitable for Polaroid cameras will go on sale at the end of the month following a 2 year project by two men, who were sad to see Polaroid discontinue it.

Although officially canned by Polaroid, that hasn't stopped a company called the Impossible Project recreating the film in a factory to sell to avid fans once more.

The films, developed with help from Harman Technology, will be available in the UK on 25 March and will cost around £16 for a pack of eight photo sheets.

"We've made the impossible possible" says the founders of the project.

The PX100 has been developed for the SX-70 camera, while the PX6000 will be available for the One series of instant cameras. The films will develop from a blue colour before unveiling the black and white image, as opposed to the original Polaroid film, which started a murky brown/yellow.

The Impossible Project plans to release colour film in the summer this year.

AT CES in January, Polaroid confirmed the return of the Polaroid OneStep instant camera, the PIC 1000, which will be available in a range colours and uses classic Polaroid Color 600 Instant Film to produce the brand's iconic white bordered instant pictures.

Recently Polaroid appointed Lady Gaga to be its creative director, something Lady Gaga is keen to show her love for in her new NSFW video.

Image credit: Amateur Photographer

Writing by Stuart Miles.