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(Pocket-lint) - Polaroid will live another day thanks to a new licensing agreement meaning new cameras and other devices will be launched in 2010, according to the new owners.

The new company, PLR IP Holdings, has announced the signing of six licensing agreements which promise a range of new products "under the Polaroid brand name" with new launches starting in January. 

But rather than just a new cameras or printers, the company is promising launches in the PC, gaming and mobile categories from jWIN Electronics Corporation.

Consumers can soon expect to see camera lenses, filters and close-up lenses, lens hoods and caps, flashes, battery grips, batteries and chargers, camera bags and binoculars from C&A Marketing Inc.

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Famous Trails will soon offer unique night vision units, range finders and digital camera and binoculars while USB speakers and DVD drives will come in from Matsunichi.

"Polaroid has had an immense global appeal for more than 70 years, and our new licensees directly speak to our core brand competencies", said Scott W. Hardy, president of PLR IP Holdings, LLC.

"We continue to take great measures to ensure Polaroid products meet our quality standards, while expanding on our offering with new trend setting, clever and fun solutions to fit our customers' digital lifestyle".

This article has been amended since it was first published.

Writing by Stuart Miles.