Pentax has unveiled a couple of compact cameras - the Optio P80 and the Optio E80. The P80 is a mid-range, slimline model, whereas the E80 aims at the "value" end of the spectrum.

Starting with the E80, it has a 10-megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom and 2.7-inch LCD. Impressively, for a low-end snapper, the E80 has 720p video recording, along with ease-of-use functionality like extra-large buttons and a "green mode", which resets all features to their defaults for good results in a wide variety of situations. It's powered by AA batteries.

The P80, on the other hand, has a 12.1-megapixel sensor and 4x optical zoom. It has the same 2.7-inch LCD, and the same 720p video recording, and also has pixel tracking functionality that should help reduce the blurriness of shots in certain low-light conditions. It carries a rechargeable li-ion battery.

The E80 costs £100 and is available in black, white and silver. The P80 will set you back £180, but has an exciting "mint" colour option, along with the more standard black and white. Surely that alone is worth the extra £80, right?