Pentax has launched an update to its entry-level digital camera - The Pentax K100D digtal SLR.

Adding the word "Super" to the 6.1 megapixel camera, the company says that the new camera is based on the Pentax K100D, and after a quick glance down the specification lists for both cameras we can see why.

The "Super" in the title refers to the addition of a Dust Removal system to keep dust off the CCD surface and ensure optimum image quality, the ability to accept the newly standardised SDHC cards which allow a much greater number of images to be stored on the camera as well as conventional SD memory cards and compatibility with Pentax's SDM lens system for smoother, quieter auto-focusing operation as well as with their K-mount lenses.

The Super still has the K100D's big selling point, the Pentax-developed Shake Reduction (SR) system, which reduces camera shake for sharp, blur-free images.

Pricing and availability to be confirmed however see below for a quick round-up of features:

• Auto sensitivity control up to 3200 standard output sensitivity
• Auto Picture Mode for effortless point-and-shoot SLR photography
• 11-point wide-frame AF to capture off-centre subjects in crisp focus
• Large LCD monitor to facilitate image viewing and menu setting
• Bright, clear viewfinder
• Compact, lightweight body with optimum holding comfort
• 19 custom functions to personalise camera operations
• Consecutive shooting of up to five frames at the speed of approximately 2.8 frames per second (at BEST image quality in JPEG format)
• Eight distinctive Scene modes to accommodate specific subjects/applications
• Choice of two preview functions (digital/optical)
• Choice of 16-segment multi-pattern metering, centre-weighted metering and spot metering to accommodate various photographic applications
• Noise reduction mechanism to reduce digital noise during extended exposures
• Dual power source (two CR-V3 lithium batteries, or four AA-size batteries)
• USB2 (HI-SPEED) compatibility for speedy data transfer to PC
• Five digital filters (black-and-white, sepia, slim, soft and brightness) for easy editing of recorded images
• PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 3 RAW data and image processing software and PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3 image browser software included on the accompanying CD-ROM
• Compatibility with PictBridge, DPOF, Exif Print and PRINT Image Matching formats