A wise man once told me that you should never buy a girl anything that comes with a plug for Valentine's Day, however those ready to risk the wrath will be pleased to know that Pentax has launched a red and blue version of its Waterproof camera.

Staying the same in every other way, the WPi series still features the recent increase to 6 megapixels and is waterproof to 5 feet under water and offers a JIS Class 5 dustproof rating.

Perfect for extreme indoor or outdoor adventure, the OptioWPi offers high resolution images with a quick start-up, a 3x zoom lens and an ultra-fast 9-point autofocus to keep subjects sharp.

The colorful PENTAX OptioWPi also offers a 2.0-inch LCD monitor, a quick 0.6 second start-up, a recover function to retrieve erased images and overall operational ease. While the traditional silver model is available from a variety of dealers, the red and blue versions are available exclusively at