(Pocket-lint) - Pentax is having a renaissance of late; from the announcement of its first full-frame DSLR, the K-1, to the just-revealed K-70, the latter which is poised as an all-weather DSLR.

The K-70's launch perhaps shouldn't be a surprise: Pentax has been growing its "WR" designated (read: weather-resistant) lenses in recent years, with this DSLR launch coinciding with the new 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 WR model optic.

But we're not here to talk about lenses. The K-70 is an affordable mid-level model, priced at £560 for the body alone (or £800 with the 18-135mm WR lens) complete with the company's first Hybrid AF system.

That autofocus means the usual phase-detection system - here the Safox X, with 11-points - is paired with the on-sensor contrast-detection focus system to harness both functions for better focus acquisition. It also means speedier live preview autofocus when using the vari-angle rear LCD screen rather than the 100-per-cent field-of-view viewfinder (well, it's described as "nearly 100 per cent" in the official press release, whatever that means).

Many of the K-70's other features are top drawer considering its price point. A 24-megapixel APS-C sensor is housed within, capable of shooting up to a sensitivity of ISO 102,400. There's also a built-in stabilisation system which means the K-70 has the same Pixel Shift Resolution (a tripod-mounted mode to capture full colour information) and AA Simulator (anti-aliasing; it can be used in situations where moire might be an issue) modes as found in the top-spec K-1 model.

In addition to the rugged build there's built-in Wi-Fi for remote shooting and sharing images, a 1/6000th sec maximum shutter speed (why not 1/8000th we're not entirely sure), six frames per second (6fps) burst mode, and Full HD movie capture (still no 4K then).

Still, sounds like a bit of a bargain. If, as ever with Pentax, you can score or already have some worthy lenses to go with the body. Keen to see more? The K-70 will go on sale in July.

Writing by Mike Lowe.