On top of new mid-range DSLRs, Pentax also announced on Wednesday a Q7 sensored compact system interchangeable-lens camera. And, yes, for such a mouthful, it really is that tiny and bright.

The Q7 is Pentax's successor to the Q10. Just think mirror-less combined with a vintage Lomo film camera. The Q7 uses a 1/1.7-inch sensor, which is larger than the Q10's, although the resolution is the same at 12.4 million pixels. It also only offers 4.6x magnification, where as the Q10 has 5.5x. 

Pentax will keep the Q10 in its the line-up, though, because it just considers the Q7 a more high-end variation with a new Q-imaging engine. The Q7 boasts a few other electronic specs, too, like a programmable quick dial and compatibility with Eye-Fi. 

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Pentax even introduced a new lens for the Q range; the mount-shield lens sports an f/9.0 fixed aperture and 53mm focal length when attached to the Q7.

There is no additional information on pricing, but Gizmodo said it would ship with an "O2" lens for $500 (around £320). In addition, like the K-50 and K-500, the Pentax Q7 and the new Q lens will launch in 120 different colour combinations in September.

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