Pentax is now offering consumers the facility to custom order the Q10, the company's dinky mirrorless compact system, with more than 100 different colour combinations.

"Offering the Q10 in 100 colour combinations is a unique way for Pentax to showcase its commitment to supporting photo enthusiast's creative self- expression," said John Carlson, senior manager of marketing at Pentax.

"Having the ability to customise your camera to match your mood, your alma mater or even your favorite sports team is an offering unequaled in the industry and we are happy to support our customers as they strive for new ways to express themselves."

pentax q10 now available in 100 different colour combinations image 2

The idea is that would-be buyers will be able to go to a dedicated site and choose what colour they want the body of the camera before choosing the colour of the grip.

There are 20 colours available for the body of the Q10 including purples, pinks, blues, greens, and a further five colours for the grip: pink, blue, brown, white, or black.

The Q10, which is the same camera that was launched last year, will be offered with the 02 zoom lens at a suggested retail price of $599.95 in the US.