Pentax has announced a special red lacquer version of its 40-megapixel 645D medium format camera. The limited edition was created after the 645D went and won the Camera GP 2011 camera of the year award.  

The 645D is similar to that of Hasselblad's digital range of medium format cameras, comprising of a large ultra-high resolution sensor typically suited to studio shooting. The 645D has seen success amongst those who applaud it for its hardiness and portability, bringing digital medium format photography to the street. 

Included in the kit is a special leather strap, centre spot matte focussing screen and paulownia wood box. A Japanese lacquering technique called Urushi has been used to decorate the camera and means every single body will be slightly different. Keeping things even more exclusive is a gold plated Pentax logo on the front of a camera. Serial numbers have been marked on each body to help keep up that limited edition feel. 

For those who are after one of these special edition Pentax bad boys, orders need to be put in between 20 July and 20 September. Don't expect next day delivery however, the camera is built to order and takes around 4 months to turn up from receipt of the purchase. 

Like the idea of the Pentax? Or is it a little bit out of your league...