Pentax's GPS equipped invinci-cam has just taken a trip to the tanning salon and returned a shiny shade of orange. 

The compact consists of an aluminium alloy front panel combined with gunmetal grey hardy rubber. The WG1-GPS is designed to be thrown about by outdoor enthusiasts, dropped, stepped on and submerged. All the stats are there for adventure types, 10 metres waterproof, coldproof to -10 deg C, dustproof and even crushproof to 100Kg, should you accidentally sit on it.

All this hardiness would be of no use if there wasn't a decent image sensor and camera in there to back it up. So Pentax has gone and thrown in a 14 megapixel with 5x wide-angle zoom setup to boot.

What does the GPS element of the name stand for you might ask? Well expect some serious geotagging action to be carried out in camera with the WG1. Good bit of boast material if you manage to grab a tagged snap on the top of Everest. 

Expect the Shiny Orange to ship at the beginning of August, priced in at £299. The camera is also available in green and grey.

Shiny Orange? Or you not a fan of Dale Winton....