The new Pentax Optio NB1000 compact has an interesting new feature bolted-on, literally. It comes with a faceplate that is similar to a LEGO board, ready to be customised by adding blocks as you see fit.

To be honest, it's not quite LEGO exactly. The camera is the product of a deal in Japan between Pentax and DiaBlock, which makes Nanoblocks (a very similar toy to the Danish fave) for the Japanese toy market, hence the prefix NB. But, sadly, this means that it's unlikely to come over to the UK anytime soon.

However, looking at the spec, Pocket-lint suspects that the recently announced Pentax Optio RS1000 is essentially the same compact camera, but with a different gimmick.

Instead of a LEGO-style customisation feature, the RS1000 allows the faceplate to be swapped for other designs. In fact, as the template lies between the camera body and a transparent facia, even your own photographs or print-outs can be used. Not quite building blocks, but perhaps more choice.

Both cameras are 14-megapixel models, have 4x optical zoom, and sport HD video recording functionality, but their prices do differ. The NB1000 costs around 20,000 Yen (£154), whereas the UK-centric RS1000 comes in at £119.99.

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