Panasonic has dropped us word of a camcorder that it'll soon be launching - the HDC-TM350. It's strictly limited edition - only 200 will be available - and it's a sister model to the HDC-TM300, which has won multiple awards.

It's rather on the advanced side - with three seperate colour sensors to process red, green and blue, and 1.6 lux low light recording. It does full HD, and can record still images at 10.6 megapixels, and can do both video recording and still image recording at the same time too - though those are limited to 8.3 megapixels.

There's an intelligent auto optical image stabiliser, and AF/AE tracking which will keep focus and exposure locked onto a subject even if they stray to the edges of the picture. It comes with 64GB of built-in flash memory, along with an SD card slot for pumping that up further.

The HDC-TM300 will be available from mid-October, and will cost approximately £1200. But don't delay - there's only 200 available.