Panasonic has introduced the new Lumix 10.1-megapixel DMC-FX37 with a 25mm equivalent ultra-wide-angle LEICA DC lens and 5x optical zoom that's equivalent to 25mm to 125mm on a 35mm film camera.

Panasonic's iA (intelligent auto) mode has been enhanced with this model which gets a newly added AF Tracking function that automatically tracks the subject once the AF has been set, even if the subject moves around.

In addition, the FX37 continually monitors the light source and automatically activates the backlight compensation function if it detects that the light source is behind the subject.

Panasonic says face detection accuracy has also been increased, allowing continuous AF/AE adjustment even if a face moves or turns sideways to the camera.

The company also claims the "Intelligent Exposure" function helps capture natural, true-to-life images by suppressing blocked shadows and blown highlights.

For image processing, the FX37 features the high-speed, high-performance, next-generation Venus Engine IV. The engine allows the FX37 to shoot up to approx 310 photos on a single battery charge.

The FX37 also shhots high-definition 1280 x 720p motion images at 30fps and boasts an Intelligent LCD display with a wide viewing angle.

New scene modes include "Pin Hole", "Film Grain" and Flash Burst mode while "Transform" is for portraits and has a special transformation effect to make pics "look funny".

The metal finished DMC-FX37 will be available in silver, black and brown - each with a "distinctive finish or texture" according to its colour. Pricing TBC.