After 2 years of development Chronos is finally releasing its iScarpbook application for the Mac.

The software, which is essentially a digital scrapbook, helps people keep and collect cuttings that they find online where originally they would have cut up magazines and papers and stuck into a paper scrapbook.

The product that has been under development for two years, features a series of graphic tools and a collection of 40,000 designer-quality photographs and clip art images. It also includes speciality photo corners, background papers, photo frames and predesigned templates plus a range of designer effects.

Users will be helped with numerous tools to build virtual scrapbooks, including drawing and graphics tools; object and image alignment and rotation, and a series of special effects, including cropping, sepia, shadow and transparency controls.

"Many novice and experienced scrapbookers have been looking for a Mac solution so they can move from traditional scrapbooking to digital scrapbooking", said Chronos vice president Jerry Halls.

It is available with a 30-day trial from the website and can be purchased for $44.95.