Panasonic is backing a unique project to document photographically the world’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Using Panasonic Lumix cameras, a team of 20 photographers across the globe will set out to document the sites, their visitors, and the interaction that makes them important to mankind.

The photographs will be published in a series of ten books to be released slowly over the next five years. An interactive website,

, will also be launched next year once a back catalogue of images has been established.

UNESCO plans to use part of the profits to educate people about World Heritage issues, and part to help with the maintenance of some of the most endangered sites.

“Under this new partnership, World Heritage sites, and the often extraordinary human stories linked to them, will become better known to all. Increased awareness, knowledge and appreciation will also lead to better protection for these remarkable places, many of which are extremely fragile”, says Francesco Bandarin, Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.