Panasonic has launched a new gadget that will allow its users to view images in High Definition taken with their camera on a HD ready TV.

The rather unexciting looking device, called the DMW-SDP1 HDTV Photo Player, allows users to view photos taken by a LUMIX or other SD-enabled digital camera in High Definition quality on a large screen TV.

The DMW-SDP1 simply connects to a High Definition TV and inserting their SD/SDHC memory card into the slot, users can view their photos in 1080i high definition quality.

The compact, lightweight DMW-SDP1 differs from other photo viewers by utilising the Venus Engine III image processing LSI, the same system found in Panasonic’s acclaimed line of LUMIX cameras.

Among the other features offered on the DMW-SDP1 are a wide variety of playback options including three special transition effects and the ability to display up to 25 thumbnails on an index screen or calendar time-series screen. Images taken vertically are automatically rotated.

The DMW-SDP1 also supports motion JPEG playback, regardless of TV system. In addition to the normal VGA (640 x 480), wide aspect VGA (848 x 480) motion images, which can be recorded with LUMIX. The player also offers high definition motion image (1280 x 720, at 15 fps) with natural detail reproduction that is recordable with the LUMIX new model DMC-LX2.

The device also comes with a remote control and is PictBridge compliant.