In addition to the DMC-FZ50, Panasonic also introduced the successor to the Lumix DMC-LX1, unsurprisingly called the DMC-LX2.

This second model retains the 16:9 wide CCD and LCD, and is equipped with 28mm wide-angle Leica lens that achieves an aperture of f2.8.

The zoom reaches 4x, which is equivalent to 28mm to 112mm in a 35mm camera.

As you would expect, incorporates the Mega Optical Image Stabilizer system, as well as a 2.8-inch LCD on the rear.

Full manual controls sets it apart from other compacts on the market, as does the maximum ISO of 1600 at full resolution.

Like the FZ50, the LX2 also incorporates the new Intelligent ISO Control thanks to the Venus Engine III, so that the camera detects movement and low light to automatically and bumps up the ISO.

For those who like full auto modes, the LX2 offers seventeen scene modes so that you're ready to shoot any situation, and also includes 13MB of memory so that you can store photos and use it like a portable photo album.