(Pocket-lint) - Found close to the Kent border, you’ll be surprised at just how many great photographic locations are in and around Bromley. There’s something for everybody here, including beautiful parks, opportunities for great street photography, and even aeroplanes. Being on the doorstep of “The Garden of England” you’re also just a short bus or train ride from some of the country’s most picturesque landscapes.

We’ve got together with Panasonic Lumix and Jessops to show off some of the best UK locations for taking pictures, with fantastic photo spots just ready ad waiting for your lens. Whether you’re shooting with your smartphone or a great camera like the brand new Panasonic Lumix GX9, you’ll find something to inspire you right here.

Join us on our street walk! Allow yourself to be immersed by the Greater London borough of Bromley and join us at 10:00am on Saturday 3rd November for an exclusive photographic walk around this urban district.  With the expert guidance of a Lumix Ambassador, learn how to take the very best photos whilst you explore the hidden gems of this part of the city. Following the walk, which will last for approximately two hours, you will have the opportunity to print your favourite picture free of charge at the Jessops Bromley store. To secure your space on the walk, please email events@jessops.com with your name, contact details and the subject heading Bromley Lumix Hidden Cities Walk.

The Lumix GX9 is an ideal travel companion. It has so many great features which make it perfect for amateur photographers looking for a professional experience. It’s got a compact body and utilises high-end technology, making it well-suited to street-style photography.

With that in mind, we’ve got a Lumix GX9 to give away for the best city photograph taken in each of the following cities: 

• Bromley Glasgow
Nottingham Belfast
Liverpool Newcastle
Cardiff Oxford
Exeter  • Bristol

Every week we’ll publish some great photo spots from the places mentioned to give you tonnes of inspiration - we can’t wait to see what you shoot. All you need to do to enter the competition is either share your images on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #lumixhiddencities or email them to us at lumixhiddencities@pocket-lint.com

From all of the entries per city, the best image will win a Lumix GX9 camera which should make your next group of shots even better. They’ll also be printed on canvas and displayed in the local Jessops store. All entries will be submitted by the 23:59:59 on Friday 16 November 2018 (Pocket-lint T&Cs apply). 

Whether you want to capture an amazing shot to share on Instagram, or you just fancy trying your hand at something new - why not give one of the following places a try.

1. Bromley War Memorial

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Set within a pretty landscaped garden, the war memorial features a classic obelisk design and is an icon of Bromley. Recording the name of 769 soldiers who died during World War One, with the centenary of the war armistice coming up in November, this could be a great place for locals to start a photographic project based around the anniversary. There’s actually a plethora of different photo options you could go for at this location, ranging from wide-angle landscapes, to close-up macro shots picking out the detail of the memorial.

Photo Tip: Use a wide-angle lens to exaggerate scenes such as this, placing the key subject right in the centre of the frame for a well-balanced composition.

2. Biggin Hill Airport

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This is the perfect spot for plane spotters, and a great place to take some compelling plane pics. You’ll do best if you’ve got a telephoto zoom lens to really get in close to your subject, but you can also take some interesting wide-angle landscapes, using the planes to give a sense of perspective. Keep an eye on when special displays will be taking place, particularly if the Red Arrows are in town if you want to capture something really striking.

Photo Tip: Use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action, and set your camera to burst shooting mode for the best chance of capturing the perfect moment. If you’re using a Panasonic Lumix, 4K Photo is perfect for this kind of shot.

3. Bromley North Railway Station

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Opened in 1878, Bromley North Railway Station is a Grade II listed building. It’s also got some quirky signage outside which makes for the perfect selfie location. Step inside the station and you’ve got opportunity for a variety of trackside images, including trains, people commuting and the lines on the ground themselves. Make sure you get permission from somebody at the station before setting up tripods and so on.

Photo Tip: Make use of weather conditions when taking your shots, shadows can make for an interest aspect of your image.

4. Chislehurst Caves

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Although called caves, these underground structures in Chislehurst are entirely man-made. Dug and used as chalk and flint mines, during World War Two the caves were used as an air-raid shelter. These days you can enter the caves via a guided tour, and they’ve even been featured in several TV and film productions. Head down there for a below-ground selfie, or try your hand at low-light shooting.

Photo Tip: Positioning your subject at the centre of the frame makes for an interesting composition, especially when using the square format.

5. The Warren

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If nature and wildlife are your thing, heading to the Warren makes a lot of sense. A site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation, you’ll find a host of interesting things here to point your lens at. Head to the pond to find rare plants, while you can also see birds such as green woodpeckers and nuthatches, as well as bees and butterflies.

Photo Tip: Use leading lines in your photos to draw the viewer’s eye around the frame.

6. Coney Hall

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This suburban area of Bromley is filled with mock-Tudor housing that make for interesting detail pictures in their own right. However, in Coney Hall, you’ll also find that the Prime Meridian line runs right through it - you can follow the trail from Greenwich down to Coney if you like. Look out for the special marker in the park which shows you the exact spot of the line’s location.

Photo Tip: Creating a dynamic composition can mean including lots of different subjects in the same shot, carefully places. Here a dramatic sky works well with the football players in the background.

7. Bromley High Street

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If you’re into street photography, heading to Bromley High Street is a great place to spend the afternoon. Watch the various characters go by, frame them with the nearby architecture - including the listed building Churchill Theatre - and pay special attention to market days and the like for interesting macro and still life opportunities.

Photo Tip: Pick a location or spot on the street to set up and stay there for a while, getting to know characters as they wander past your lens. If you’re nervous about street-style photography, try to blend in as much as possible by finding a bench or somewhere to sit unnoticed.

8. Old Hayes

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This suburb of Bromley was once a village in Kent, and as such has kept much of that traditional feel to it - you’ve got a village hall, pub, farm and there’s even a year fête. What that means for photographers is that there’s lots to shoot - including the village architecture (look out for things like timbered cottages), street-style portraits, and all the variety that a village fete provides, from food, animal, candids, macro and more.

Photo Tip: Churches make for fascinating photo projects all by themselves. You can shoot low-light interiors, look for old-style lettering and engravings and create classic skyline shots with the church spire included.