(Pocket-lint) - Over the summer of 2018 Pocket-lint partnered with Panasonic Lumix and Jessops to showcase some of the best photographic locations in the UK. 

Readers were invited to snap a picture of their favourite spots in Glasgow, Exeter, Belfast, Cardiff, Newcastle, Bristol, Oxford, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bromley for a chance to win a Lumix GX9 camera, and the entries have been stunning. 

Whether it's introducing us to new spots or taking inspiration from our guides we've had hundreds of photos to pick from.

Bromley Glasgow
Nottingham Belfast
Liverpool Newcastle
Cardiff Oxford
Exeter Bristol

An excellent camera for travel photographers, the Lumix GX9 has many great features which make it a winning choice for amateur photographers who want a professional experience. It has a compact body and advanced technology, making the GX9 superb for street-style photography.

Here are the winners of the 2018 Lumix Hidden Cities competition. 


Taken by Six Mile Images of HMS Caroline we loved the atmospheric night sky and the reflection of the boat on the still water. 


Taken by Notalgia_kid in Newcastle this is one of those pictures you could hang upside down and you probably wouldn't notice at first. 


Taken by maxpeck729 we loved the bright colours of the building.

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This photograph was taken by instagram user fionafrenchdevon. It was a popular shot in the competition from Exeter, but we liked this shot for it's clean uncluttered approach. By shooting in a way that removed the buildings, it makes for a much more dramatic shot. 


Rickyliu421 used a Lens Ball to deliver a different take on Nottingham town hall. 


Borntotakepictures used the frame of the doorway to frame the picture giving this image of Oxford a bit more impact. The option to go black and white also gives a moody feeling to the picture. 

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We're always telling people to look up if you want to see something cool, and this picture delivers that promise. Well done Elegurious. 


While many of our winning photographs are of buildings or things, we love how Richard Crisp captured this two gentlemen at the docks in Liverpool. 


Nestled in the hills the tree line at the bottom of the image helps give a sense of hiding the city behind. Taken by Jierre_Lu on what we presume was a nice walk in the country. 

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As Lovethewestie proves in this picture, you can find a great picture almost anywhere if you look.