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(Pocket-lint) - The jewel of the South West, Exeter is a charming city full of wonderful photographic gems. You’re also within easy reach of Devon’s gorgeous beaches and landscapes. Heading to Exeter as your base for a photographic adventure makes a lot of sense.

We’ve partnered up with Panasonic Lumix and Jessops to show you some of the best photographic locations in the UK. Whether you’re taking pictures with your smartphone or a great camera like the brand new Panasonic Lumix GX9, you’ll never be short of inspiration with our help.

A superb camera for travel photographers, the Lumix GX9 has so many great features which make it the perfect choice for amateur photographers who want a professional experience. With a compact body and advanced technology, the Lumix GX9 is superb for street-style photography.

With that in mind, we’re giving you the opportunity to win a Lumix GX9 with your best pictures taken in the each of the following locations: 

Bromley Glasgow
Nottingham Belfast
Liverpool Newcastle
Cardiff Oxford
 • Bristol  Exeter

Every week, we’ll be publishing some of the best photo spots from the cities mentioned to give you some inspiration. We’d love to see what you come up with. All you need to do is either share your images on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #lumixhiddencities, or email them to us at lumixhiddencities@pocket-lint.com

The best entries from all of the entries per city will win a Lumix GX9 to help make your next set of shots even better. They’ll also be printed on canvas and displayed in the nearest Jessops store. All entries will be submitted by the 23:59:59 on Friday 16 November 2018 (Pocket-lint T&Cs apply). 

Whether you’re keen to snap something Instagram worthy or capture a fantastic memory, one of the following locations is a good place to start.

1. The Quayside

Danio75 from ShutterstockThe Best Photo Places In Exeter Spots You’ll Want To Snap image 4

This historic area of Exeter is popular with locals, as well as those just visiting. This is the place to come if you’re looking for a bite to eat, somewhere to wander, live music, quirky pop-ups and everything in between. There are antique shops to peruse, you could take a quick boat trip or just people watch as the world goes by. Recent renovations to the Quayside has made it more popular than ever, but it’s still got enough architectural heritage to remind you of its history.

Photo Tip: When shooting with water in your shot, make use of reflections for an interesting composition.

2. Exeter Cathedral

Amy DaviesThe best photo places in Exeter spots you’ll want to snap image 1

Although you have to pay a small fee to enter Exeter Cathedral, all the hidden nooks and crannies of this marvellous building make it well worth it. You could probably produce a whole book of photos from inside here, with a dramatic ceiling being something you could stare at for hours. Look out for sculptures and intricate details, too.

Photo Tip: Pack a wide-angle lens to make the most of marvellous architectural interiors such as Exeter Cathedral.

3. The Glorious Art House

If ever a place was designed to be truly Insta-worthy, this quirky little coffee shop and bar is it. With kooky coloured walls, food and drinks to drool over and a beautiful outdoor area, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to pointing your lens at something.

Photo Tip: Make the most of gorgeous colours by increasing saturation - the Lumix GX9 has bult-in filters to help you achieve this and many other effects. 

4. The cobbled streets around Cathedral Close

Amy DaviesThe best photo places in Exeter spots you’ll want to snap image 2

Spend a little time wandering around the traditional cobbled streets near the Cathedral and forget for a minute that you’re in the middle of a 21st century city. The picturesque cottages that line the streets around here are a joy to behold and if nothing else make for exquisite backgrounds for your selfies.

Photo Tip: Positioning your camera low makes sure you include a good view of those beautiful cobbles. You could even try experimenting with placing your camera on the floor to take the shot.

5. University of Exeter


Campus looking cute in the sun ☀️

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Head to the University’s Streatham campus for a stroll around one of the UK’s prettiest uni grounds. Just a short walk from the city centre, it features award-winning landscaped gardens, which includes beautiful sculptures and gorgeous architecture. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so you’re sure to find something wonderful to photograph.

Photo Tip: Placing people in your shots helps to give a good sense of scale.

6. Rougemont Gardens

This hidden gem in the middle of Exeter city centre is found just behind the central Library, close to part of the Roman city wall. In the summer, you can find outdoor performances, while all year round it’s a great place for a stroll in the sunshine. You can even see across to Dartmoor in the distance, while closer to your lens, beautiful flowers and trees make for stunning close ups.

Photo Tip: Use elements from nature, such as trees, to create a frame for distant landscapes.

7. The view from Haldon Forest Park